It is our goal to help transform neighborhoods and communities, unite residents, property owners and youth groups, and teach youth to make their voice heard in positive, creative ways.  We work with business owners, community associations, youth groups, and the city to create murals and artistic mentorship programs geared towards community enhancement.




At first contact you will speak with one of the coordinators. We will review your project to determine the artists/style best suited for the job. At this point, a time will be arranged to meet with a lead artist. They will go over design ideas and a contract with you, We will then pick a team of artist skilled for your particular project. We will take your ideas and create a series of draft designs from you too to choose from.

When a final design is decided upon, we will start the mural. We require our supply cost prior to starting. Murals can take anywhere from 1 day to many weeks depending on the complexity of the project and size of the wall. Final payment is required within four days of project completion/receiving invoice.




Prices depend on many factors. Wall size, surface type, coverage, style, complexity, color scheme.

When you contact us, please include as much information as possible about your project.




 Are you an artist, community organization/youth group representative, business owner or city worker?

Would you like to work with our group or show support?

Contact us here.